Thomas information competition

Competition Questions:
1.- Where and when was Thomas born?
Thomas was born in Boston, in 1987.
2.- How many brothers and sisters does he have?
He has 1 brother. His name is Greg and he is 21. He has 1 sister but she is not a person, she is a dog and her name is Annabelle.
3.- What languages does he speak?
He speaks English, Spanish, little French, little Arabic and little Chinese.
4.- What does he like about Spain?
About Spain he likes «tortilla española», ham and fun Spanish people.
5.- What will he do next year?
He doesn´t know, but he wants to teach in a bilingual school in New York.

Extra questions from the 4 teams:
Do you like the beach? How old is your dog? Do you like to travel? Do you like England? Do you have more pets? In which school was Thomas teaching last year? What is your mother´s name? Do you like football? For you, who is the best football player? Who is your best friend in Boston? What do you like? What are your parents´names? What are your surnames? Do you have a girlfriend?

6thB Competition Results

TEAM 1: 11 points
TEAM 2: 10 points
TEAM 3: 9 points
TEAM 4: 12 points

So the winner is:

TEAM 4 (Alba Rincón, Emilio Braojos, Jesús Castillo, Ismail Makran, Paula Reyes) with 12 points!

Well done everyone!